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Multicut spiral cutters

Technical specifications:
The multicut spiral cutters, produced by a propeller pitch slightly lower than the plate allows one hand to remove the material evenly, the other a fractional export of the material.
The advantages of the system:
The fractionation of the cutting and the positioning of the spiral cutting edges limit the formation of vortices of air and create a less violent impact on the material, thereby achieving a considerable reduction of noise.
At the same working condition, the splitting of the cutting edge allows a considerable reduction of the effort of the car engine, with considerable reduction of energy consumption.
The fractionation of the cut and the trend of the spiral cutting edges allow to remove in a gradual way the working material, reducing the shear stress and thus increasing considerably the speed of advancement.
The division of the cutting and the performance of the spiral cutting edges allow you to finely crushed chip, greatly easing the aspiration of the same.
The considerable decrease of the shear stress due to the splitting of the cutting edge favors a greater duration of cutter making irrelevant the incidence of maintenance tool costs with respect to production carried.

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