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The calculation of router diameter

Diagram for determining the diameter and the maximum cutting thickness of a profiled router according to the shank diameter and the rpm.

To calculate the maximum diameter of the profiled router you can send us a request with the data necessary fields. We will answer you without any your commitment, in a short time. Otherwise you can use the table below, following the examples subscribed.

Determine the maximum diameter of a router with the shank d = 20 mm, rpm N = 18.000 1/min, and cutting height S = 40 mm.
From the point resulting from the vertical left (shank diameter) d = 20 mm follow the line up to the point of the right vertical (rpm) N = 18.000 1/min.
In the second right vertical (cutting height) S = 40 mm, bring line intersection point O/O to the second left vertical (router maximum diameter), where we read Dmax = 62.50mm.

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